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CSI Ballistic's Lab

Number One with a Bullet

The Ballistics Lab
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All Members , Moderated
A community devoted to the ever-wonderful character of Bobby Dawson on CSI.

The community is here to share the Bobby love. This can be done any number of ways, through discussion, fiction, graphics and icons, or interpretive dance if you can figure out a way for us to see it. Go wild, be creative, share with us!

If you're posting something that involves an episode recently aired, please, please, please, include spoiler warnings! This includes any fics you may be posting or any grapics, like icons, that may include things that are central to an episode.

If you're going to be posting fics, please give us a little idea of what we're in for. A header providing the pairing, any warnings you think might be good to know, the rating, and a small summary would be appreciated but not necessary. No one's going to shoot you if you don't do it but you might get more people reading if you do.

An example might look something like this:
Title: Love Had a Thousand Shapes
Pairing: Bobby/Ecklie
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Gerber daisies, sulking, unusual use of dairy products, happy!Ecklie
Summary: It's just another day at the office until the flowers arrive.

And if anyone wants to try their hand at that fic I would love to read what people come up with!

If you're writing R or NC-17 fic, please make sure to place it behind an LJ cut. Likewise, if you're doing not-safe-for-work images, please put them behind an LJ cut with appropriate notation. No one wants to be surprised at work. Anything more than three or four icons should probably be placed behind a cut as well so as to not break anyone's friend's page. A few teasers are always welcome though. We like looking at the pretties!

If you feel you need to contact the moderator of this community for any reason feel free to email soraidh at livejournal dot com.