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FIC: C20 (Nick Stokes/Bobby Dawson)-3/4

TITLE: C2O-3/4
AUTHOR: ic789
PAIRING: Bobby Dawson/Nick Stokes
WARNING: Language, boy love
SPOILERS: Set middle of Season 7
DISCLAIMER: If I owned 'em, we'd see this on TV ;)
SUMMARY: The boys sort it out.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: All comments welcome! :)

Catherine caught him in the hall with a 419 out near the high school on the west side. “We have to go now, the lacrosse game is almost over and we’ll lose our witnesses.” Sofia nodded and Nick knew there was no choice.

Once on the way, Nick called Bobby, leaving a message. “Hey Country, I’ll be waiting for ya’ after shift, okay? Love ya’.” He hung up pursing his lips in frustration.

“Apparently, the C was a real MF with a grudge against the SB.” Catherine informed him.

“What?” Nick rolled his eyes at the ‘text’ speak.

“The lacrosse coach was pissed because his program didn’t get the extra funding his program was promised and he was taking it out on the students.” Catherine concentrated on driving as fast as she could. “Are you hungry?”

“Just sleep deprived, like everyone else.” Nick adjusted the seat, lounging back.

“Boy trouble?” Catherine weaved in and out of the traffic.

“Is it that obvious?”

“Uh…no." She frowned looking at him, "Hodges was asking me why Bobby was texting you ‘C2O’.” She slowed as they got to the school.

“Looks as though the game’s almost over. I see the police cruiser.” Nick stretched and collected his thoughts silently, not wanting to say any more about that damned text message.

They got back to the lab around 6A. There were twenty witnesses that didn’t have very much to say and Catherine finally threatened to take their cel phones and tell their parents what they were texting each other about instead of getting help for the coach. While Sofia took statements, Catherine and Nick collected physical evidence from each person. Then they processed the coach’s office, the gym, locker rooms, equipment rooms, first aid room, and a few classrooms.

When he took the print lifts to Mandy, she whispered conspiratorially, “It’s okay, everyone needs a little lift now and then.”

“See if you can get anything, and let me know, okay?” Nick responded with a questioning glance.

“You know I will.”

He was sweaty and wanted a hot shower. On his way to the locker room, he stopped by ballistics. “Hey.” He looked at a weary Bobby Dawson who came to the front and stopped Nick from entering.

“Can I help you?”

“Bob, I’m so sorry. The scene was complete chaos, all those teen-agers flashing their camera phones and text messagin’ each other. Archie’s gonna be workin’ overtime.”

“Yeah.” Bobby shut the door in Nick’s face.

Nick felt his stomach tighten and plummet to his feet. Was this gonna actually break them up? He stood outside the door, reaching out to it in complete disbelief. No, this was not how it was gonna end between them. he thought. Nick pushed the door quickly, only to watch Bobby lock it purposefully in front of him. He watched Bobby go back to work as though nothing was wrong. Pulling out his phone, he dialed quickly. He felt the punch to his soul watching Bobby quickly pick up his cel and turn the phone off.

Stunned, Nick heard Hodges squealing in delight with Henry a few steps behind him. He looked through the glass again and saw Bobby completely engrossed in work. The vibration of his phone surprised him, and he reluctantly left to go see Archie. They snickered like ninth graders as he passed.

“Hey Arch, what do ya’ have for me?”

“Nick! Boy, you’re certainly the talk of the lab today.”

“What did ya’ find?” Nick was all business, and he nearly ignored Archie’s comment. “Excuse me?”

“It takes a big man to recognize when he needs help.” Archie inserted a phone memory card into the small machine. “This is the time the first student began text messaging about the coach.”

“So you’ve been talkin’ to Bobby?” Nick knew that Archie was wary of his intentions towards his best friend.

“No, he’s been too busy,” he replied with a puzzled expression. “I was talking about Hodges.”

“Arch, I really don’t have time for idle lab gossip,” Nick rubbed the back of his neck in frustration. “What time did the messages begin?”

Frowning, Archie answered, “As far as I know it isn’t gossip, didn’t you start getting them a couple of days ago?”

“This case came in tonight, what are you talkin’ about?” Nick put his hands on his hips.

“Everyone in the lab is talking about the ‘C2O’ text message that Bobby’s been sending you.”


“Crap.” Archie began nervously re-stacking the miniature phone cards. “It’s none of my business, forget I said anything.”

“I will, this time. And you’ll do better not feeding Hodges’ ‘telephone’ game, it’s not professional.”

Soon both men were lost in the results. Catherine knocking on the table behind them startled Nick enough to clip Archie’s head as they both turned abruptly. “Hey guys, it looks as though the JV cheerleaders plotted to kill the coach. One of them just confessed to Sofia of being the mastermind. There’s no rush now to continue, Nick, go home and get some rest.”

“But we still have to go through the physical evidence.” He rubbed the side of his head.

“And we will, at the beginning of the next shift. I’d like to drive Lindsey to school today, so you’re off the clock.”

“See ya’ Arch, and thanks.” Nick collected his files and headed to ballistics. He hadn’t heard a word from Bobby. His lab was empty, and Nick hurried to the locker room, determined to solve the problem between he and Bobby.

As he headed out the door, he collided with Greg, whose blue coveralls were caked with blood, honey, and feathers. “Damn it Sanders!” The men did a little dance trying to help keep the other from falling.

“Nick, man, slow down.” Greg was beginning to giggle as they stood facing each other in an awkward embrace. Nick pushed away from him and began rubbing invisible stains off his arms and hands. “Are you waiting for it to kick in?”

“Greg, I’m done for the night, watch where you’re goin’.” He shook his head; he’d had enough of people saying strange things to him today when he just wanted to see Bobby.

After a hot shower, Nick stopped by their favorite diner, got their favorite breakfasts, and now stood on the Dawson stoop ringing the doorbell in anticipation. He timed it perfectly knowing that Eva’s schoolbus had left ten minutes ago.

“Hey, I brought some breakfast, I figured you’d be hungry,” he tried brightly when the door opened to Bobby wearing cut-offs and an old Big & Rich t-shirt.

“I ate with my Little Princess. Let’s just get this over with.” Bobby’s expression was unreadable as Nick followed him inside feeling the chill in the air. They both headed to the kitchen while Bobby silently loaded the dishwasher and Nick took out the food containers, placing them in the refrigerator.

“Juice?” Bobby asked after pushing the START button. Shaking his head, Nick tried to hug Bobby, who stiffened as he approached.

“Let’s sit down,” he motioned to the dining room table.

“Bobby, I’m so sorry I didn’t answer your texts. I can explain…”

“Ya’ don’t have to 'explain'.” Bobby crossed his arms leaning back in his chair. “And that apology is lame.”

Suddenly, the emotion that Nick held tightly inside took over, and he licked his lips a few times, willing the tears not to show. He took a few deep breaths and stood turning his back to Bobby and rubbing his neck.

“Are ya’ ready for this to be over?” Nick whispered, not able to turn around quite yet. “Because I’m not, and I don’t know how I’ve hurt you.” His heart throbbed in his chest. “I am truly sorry for whatever it is I’ve done.” The silence was deafening.

Shaking his head in frustration, he felt Bobby’s strong arms around his waist, warm fingers interlacing in his own, pulling him close and nuzzling his chin next to Nick’s neck. He let himself be turned around and hugged tight feeling the kisses all over his face, neck, and head.

When their lips touched, everything seemed forgotten. Bobby’s soft, wet tongue gently searching for Nick’s made the world theirs again. The arousal from their kissing was instantaneous, and they barely made it to the big bed without tumbling into any furniture.

“I’ve missed you somethin’ terrible Cowboy,” Bobby gently whispered between kisses as he lifted his hips for Nick to slide the cut-offs down. “That’s the only problem.” Nick tried not to thrust hard as he felt the lovely erection freed against his hip, sans underpants. He wiggled, wrapping his other leg around the bullet man’s strong legs.

“Right back at ya’ Country.” Nick held still while he was showered with puppy dog kisses to his face. After a few playful nips, his hand found the bottom of the t-shirt and pulled it up.

They undressed each other quickly with hands and lips exploring the newly exposed skin, finally ending up face to face staring each other in the eyes, bodies rubbing and writhing against each other.

“This is how we got in trouble, huh?” Bobby murmured as he tried to get impossibly closer.

“Yeah it is.” Nick couldn’t stop his hand from reaching down between them to caress and play with Bobby’s foreskin. He loved the soft, hot little piece of skin and could tell that Bobby was close. Bobby flipped Nick on his back and they thrust and rubbed against each other with complete abandon. The thrusts became more urgent and they came together breathing heavily.
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