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FIC: C20 (Nick/Bobby)-2/4

TITLE: C2O-2/4
AUTHOR: ic789
PAIRING: Bobby Dawson / Nick Stokes
ICON: Made by cosmorain06
WARNING: Language
SPOILERS: Set middle of Season 7
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned them :).
SUMMARY: Nick gets some advice.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I really tried to make it three chapters, but couldn't. All comments welcome! :)

Bobby was innovative to the nth degree in sex. Nick could barely wrap his head around how it made him feel simultaneously dirty, free, and extraordinarily loved. Looking at Bobby, one would never guess that he knew how to use his tongue to make you come while licking the soft skin on the inside of your elbow, or how orgasmic it was as he lightly blew on your testicles, or that he knew how to massage your head while whispering naughty things softly in your ear. That surprised both of them when Nick’s body shuttered suddenly in delight and he came in his jeans. That was just the beginning.

Nick knew that he didn’t contribute to their sex life the way he wanted too. His boyfriend had a magic touch. It unnerved him that Bobby never complained when Nick tried something new and they ended up falling off the bed, or accidentally breaking a chair, or ruining a favorite piece of clothing. He needed advice.

While eating his burrito and refried beans for ‘dinner’ at eleven in the morning, his phone rang. “Hey, you want some company?” It was Warrick, and by the tone of his voice, Nick could tell that he was dodging household articles being thrown at him.

“Yeah, come on over.” Nick did his dishes and changed the sheets in the guestroom, which had become Eva’s when Bobby stayed over. He chuckled imagining Warrick sleeping on the “Carebear” sheets with the Barbie comforter, along with the “Hello Kitty” pillow. Bobby warned Nick that giving Eva the room was too much and that she would be fine sleeping in her sleeping bag, but Nick knew it made her feel more of a part of their relationship. He genuinely cared for the little girl; she’d grabbed his heart before they’d even begun a relationship.

The doorbell chimed and the phone rang again, Nick opened the door to Warrick sporting luggage and dark circles under his eyes, and heard Bobby’s voice from the receiver. “Hey Man, make yourself at home,” he gestured his friend in.

“Hi Bob.” Nick went to the fridge and got two cold beers out for them. “No, it’s not a good idea.” Silence. “I don’t know when.” Handing Warrick the drink, he gave him the remote control and sat on the other side of the couch, “Okay, get some sleep, I’ll call ya’ when I wake up. Love ya’.”

“Hey, you want to play some NFL?” Warrick asked, kicking off his shoes.

“Alright, set it up. What are we fightin’ about now?”

“Same ole’, same ole’. I can’t go to the new Chief Surgeon’s dinner tonight.” Warrick pushed the ‘start’ button.

“That got ya’ thrown out?”

“Yeah, that and the fact that I’ve been working with Catherine a lot. We went to breakfast this morning and I neglected to tell Tina when she called.” He made a face.


“Yeah, where’s your toy?”

“Oh, uh he wanted to come over, but you’re here. I haven’t gotten to spend much time with ya’ recently, so I’ll see him tomorrow.”

“Bad move. What happened?”


“You’ve been seeing him for four and a half months, it’s something. Are you having second thoughts? Oh yeah, I scored again!”

“Dangit. I’m too tired to concentrate. You win.” Nick put the control down on his coffee table and picked up his beer.

“You wanna talk?”

“It’s kinda embarrassin’.” Nick began peeling the label off his beer bottle.

“You know what I put up with, it can’t be that bad.” Warrick nestled down into the couch.

Nick took a deep breath, knowing that Warrick was right. “I can’t give Bobby what he needs.”

“What?” Warrick scowled.

“He’s better in bed than I am, has more experience.” Nick couldn’t even look at Warrick.

“That’s a problem…why?”

“Okay,” Nick too a deep breath, “he makes me see fireworks most of the time, and I can’t do that for him.”

“That’s it? That doesn’t sound like a problem.”

“Ya’ don’t understand.” Nick shook his head in frustration. “He does things to me that most people have barely heard of. It’s wonderful, but kinda… ya’ just don’t understand.”

“Is he hurting you?” Warrick straightened up in concern, eyes wide.

“No, we’re not there yet.” They both chuckled; imagining Bobby Dawson hurting anyone besides self-defense was amusing.

“Is he tying you up with chains and whipping you?” Warrick ventured in concern.

“No. But if he wanted too, I don’t think I could say no. Ya’ know what I mean?” The blush was steadily creeping up his face.

“What’re you saying Nicky?”

“I think I want to tell him to slow down, but at the same time, I don’t.”

“Is that why you didn’t answer that text?”


“Is that what ‘C2O’ means? Dawson’s mating call?”

“Catherine interrupted us when I was tryin’ to explain why I ignored it.” Nick blushed deeply and hung his head. “When he called just now, I could hear the disappointment in his voice. I need to think about it a little more.”

“You want my 50 cent?” Nick nodded and finished off his beer. “Don’t avoid it, tell him just like you told me. Especially if you want it to keep going, which I think you do.”

“What if he decides I’m too much of a prude?”

“C’mon Nicky. We all know that.” He smiled warmly at his friend. “If you start showing up with bruises and strange markings on your body, he’ll have to deal directly with me.”

“Thanks, Man. I’m gonna crash.” Nick got up and set the alarm code. “I’ll see ya’ in the morning.”

Bobby was waiting in the locker room at the beginning of their shift. Nick could tell that he hadn’t slept very well, and a pang of guilt washed over him.

“Hey Hon, are ya’ okay?” Nick ventured as he kissed the side of his head, setting his bag on the bench and sitting next to Bobby.

“Not really. I didn’t sleep very well today, Eva was wound up before her tap dancin’ recital, and pretty angry that I couldn’t go.” Bobby looked at Nick with a wounded smile, “She thought both of us were gonna be there. I’m so tired, I plum forgot.”

“Oh shit.” Nick chided himself as he’d forgotten as well. “Damn it, I’m real sorry. How can I make it up to her?”

“She’ll get over it, and there’ll be others. I thought her Dad would go, but he had some lame excuse. Sometimes, I think he wanted a baby just to make me stick around, ya’ know?” He rubbed his face and yawned. “But that’s not why I’m here.”

“You’re callin’ me out about the text messages, huh?” He opened his locker to prepare for his shift.

“Very observant, what gives?”

“I…uh… there’s not enough time to get into it now. I promise I’ll meet ya’ after shift, okay?”

“Nick, no.” Bobby stood up and sighed heavily. “That’s not good enough, I want an answer, what’s goin’ on?”

Just then the door opened to Sara and Greg laughing as they entered to get ready for their day. “Oh, here’s the mystery texter right here!” Sara giggled and nudged Bobby’s arm.

“Hey guys.” Sensing the tension, Greg quickly got his locker opened, ducking his head into it, trying to disappear.

“Let’s talk later…” Nick stood with one boot on and went to grab Bobby’s shoulder. But the hurt was embedded in Bobby’s dark brown eyes as he looked at Nick one last time, and shrugged him away, shaking his head in defeat and leaving.


“Hey, I think I know what he was texting you about yesterday. Word on the street is that you received a bunch of them.” Sara closed her locker with a big toothy smile.

“Leave it alone Sara.” Nick felt two inches tall knowing that he’d hurt his boyfriend so deeply. He didn’t say anything else and slammed his locker and the outer door shut when he’d finished his preparations.
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