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GM in "a Good Farmer"

So, thanks to jalola's info, last night I went and saw Gerald McCullouch in the play a Good Farmer at the Bank Street Theatre here in the Big Apple. The theater is in the West Village, where they happened to be shooting Sex and the City a few blocks away from the theater, but I didn't have any SATC celebrity sightings, nor see any crew members that I knew, and didn't really have the time to pursue it.

I can hardly believe that I saw him up close and personal last night (10/17). Squeal!

Okay, first off this theatre is part of The New School which is a college for the arts here. The play is about a widowed, female, cabbage farmer (Bonnie) in Upstate New York with a 9 year-old. She is good friends with one of her female farm hands (Carla), who is an illegal alien married with two children. It focuses on the U.S. government seizing said workers and sending them back to Mexico. Carla and her husband eventually get caught and are sent back to Mexico, and Bonnie agrees to raise their children. Gerald plays David, Bonnie's husband who dies of stomach cancer having hired the then pregnant Carla to help Bonnie with their newborn. In other words, he appears in flashbacks.

The theatre was small, probably sat 80 folks max. I sat in the third row from the center floor of the stage, and had a great view. Gerald appeared after intermission for about 1/4 of the play. His character (David) goes through various stages of stomach cancer; diagnosis, treament, chemo, vomiting, loss of ability to walk, and dies after he holds Carla's newborn daughter (brought tears to my eyes); all in about twenty minutes. Let me tell ya' something about stage presence, he has it. He is a very talented actor. When he showed up (about 10 feet in front of me), I saw David. GM is trained, I understood his lines (he was loud enough), he reacted to the other actors really well, but didn't overplay it. I was completely totally impressed.

He is much better looking in person, very handsome and sexy, skinny with real long legs. He's also taller than I thought, and has natural reddish hair which was in a crewcut. Granted I don't go to a lot of plays, but I believe that stage actors are the best trained and the most talented of all actors. The man cried onstage because his "son" called him, a dying man, "Da-da"-there were real tears. He was that good. And he actually looked me in the eye for a split second during the part when 'David' was trying to convince Bonnie to hire Carla to help out.

When he huggled on his onstage wife, I totally believed it-he was completely in love with this woman. The way he stroked her hair, kissed her, and was so in love with her made me fall in love with this character. Some of you know that I adore the character Bobby Dawson, and it was just so freakin' adorable. It also made me BLUSH to think that I write x-rated stuff about him!

I will say that the cast was about 50% Equity (which is the stage actor's union), and I could tell exactly who those folks were-they were so much better than the others. Natch, GM is Equity. Carla was Equity, and the scenes that they (GM and her) had together were really great. ;)

I didn't stay to get an autograph or picture because the end was so thought provoking. Also, because I work in the biz, I may work with him professionally at some point, and I am always self-conscious about that. However, he's gonna be doing the show through Saturday, and I may get up the nerve to ask him for an autograph after one of the shows. There was definitely a fanboy sitting behind me who waited for the cast afterwards-but I'm too shy. And, I know that it's got to be somewhat disheartening for someone to talk about your 'other job' versus what you just did.

WOW! I still can't believe that I saw him. If you live in the city, check out the play. Here's what his liner notes were in the program:

GERALD MCCULLOUCH (David Johnson) is a bi-coastal actor living in NY and LA who has received international notoriety playing "Bobby Dawson" on the hit TV show CSI since the show's first episode. He played "Jesus" in the European tour of Jesus Christ Superstar and is an award winning filmmaker whose film The Moment After has received screenings and acclaim worldwide. He has appeared in a handful of Off B'way flops, many LA and regional theatre productions, and a bunch of TV shows and independent films. He volunteers for both Democracy Now! (democracynow.org: the leading source for independent/non-corporate sponsored news and media headed by esteemed journalist Amy Goodman) and Sylvia's Place (sylviasplace.org: a shelter for homeless LGBT youth) and encourages support of both organizations. www.Gerald.biz and www.BlogofG.com.
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