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FIC: Shamrock Pizza and Beer (Nick Stokes/Bobby Dawson)

TITLE: Shamrock Pizza and Beer
AUTHOR: ic789
PAIRING: Nick Stokes/Bobby Dawson
SPOILERS: Second half of Season 7.
DISCLAIMER: They'll go back after March Madness.
SUMMARY: The Dawsons celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
WRITTEN: For The Almost Totally Random Writing Generator (www.panthermoon.com/generator.php) :350-500 words/Miscommunication/Scars
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I had to write something fun for them. All comments welcome. :)

Bobby and Eva Dawson unabashedly loved March 17th. Receiving the unscheduled work call, Nick had never seen his boyfriend so morose. “Bobby, it’s just St. Patrick’s Day. Ya’ll aren’t even Irish.”

“Ya’ don’t understand, it’s real special for us. The entire day is planned.”

“Aw Baby, I promise Eva and I will have a kick ass time.” Nick tried giving him ‘puppy dog’ kisses.

“Stop it Nick. Ya’ll are gonna have a great time and I’m gonna miss it.” Bobby pouted walking to the bathroom.

“The list for ya’ is on the dresser,” he kissed Nick as he left.

First, they ate brunch at the Irish pub watching the end of New York City’s parade. Then they attended the Vegas parade. It happened after the Circus Circus’ annual “Pot of Gold” hunt.

Nick was exhausted. Looking at the list, the writing was splotchy due to a spill at the pub. “Hey Eva, c’mere. Can ya’ read this?” He looked again. “Eva?…”

Eva Dawson was beside herself with cotton candy crazed eyes, but Nick tried anyway. “Eva, Honey… Please look at this. What does it say?”

“What?” She asked, looking at the roller coaster. “Can we go on that?”

“Sure, if you’re tall enough.” Smiling, he handed her the paper. “Here, what did your Dad write?”

“Umm, I think…it says ‘take a scars portrait.’ Wait…” she looked at the paper again. “Yeah. Can we?” She asked pointing.

“Did ya’ll do that last year?” He was confused, rubbing his neck.

“No, I wasn’t tall enough.” She ran over to the height marker.

“Scars portrait?” he said trying to figure out Bobby’s handwriting. “Oh yeah, I think you’re tall enough.” They smiled and raced to the ticket line.

“Hey Country, what’s after Circus Circus? Give me a call, love ya’.” He closed his cel, paying for their tickets.

After the coaster, Eva showed him the scar on her knee and he showed her one on his hand. They held those up in the tiny curtained photo booth.

Finally getting their favorite shamrock shaped pizza to go, they found Bobby home. Eva ate one slice, going to bed before washing the green out of her hair.

Bobby was intent on hearing every detail about their day, surprising Nick while they ate and drank beer “Okay, what did ya’ll do after the coaster?” Nick hopped up retrieving the picture from his jacket, slithering over the couch to Bobby’s side.

“What the hell?” Bobby gave him a mystified look.

“It’s the scar picture.” Nick took another swig.

“What?” Bobby’s expression sobered Nick up slightly. “Where’s the list?” Nick handed the piece of crumpled paper over in wonderment.

“Nick, I don’t get it. What part of ‘take a Sears portrait’ is unclear? What is this?” Bobby grimaced at the strip of pictures.

Nick’s began laughing so hard he fell off the couch. “Oh!” Catching his breath, he explained. Bobby finally smiled, joining him in laughter.

I hope everyone had a fun Green Day!
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