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FIC: C2O (Nick Stokes/Bobby Dawson)-4/4

TITLE: C2O-4/4
AUTHOR: ic789
PAIRING: Bobby Dawson/Nick Stokes
SPOILERS: Set middle of Season 7
ICON: Made by lady529
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned them :).
SUMMARY: All is revealed...
AUTHOR'S NOTES: All comments welcome! :)

“Hey Cowboy, your cel’s ringin’.” Nick awoke feeling Bobby alternately nudging his hip and nibbling his ear from behind.

“I don’t wanna get up.” Nick turned into Bobby’s warm body and snuggled against his morning erection. They’d both slept well for the first time in a week.

“It’s not my phone. This is the third time Sweetie. I’m right here waitin’ for ya’ to get back in.” Bobby gently pushed Nick to get up, and smiled watching Nick drunk with sleep creep out of the bed to find his pants. His large morning erection was enticing and when Nick reached down to stroke himself, Bobby pulled him back into the bed, becoming Nick’s human blanket.

“Stokes.” Nick shivered feeling the gentle wet, hot, tongue on his right nipple. “Mmm… sorry… yeah I’m here.” He tried in vain to push Bobby’s attentive mouth away from him to concentrate on what Catherine was saying. “Yeah.” He groaned, giving into the pleasure. “Thanks Catherine…no problem.”

Bobby’s brown, lust filled, morning eyes were too much. Nick kissed him deeply and got on top of him. “I got the day off,” now it was Nick’s turn to kiss Bobby’s face everywhere. Bobby’s rest

“How’d that work out?”

“Catherine wants me to take her on-call this Saturday ‘cause Lindsey’s volleyball team is going to regionals.”

“Dangit!” Looking at the clock, Bobby sat up, panicked. “Shit, I’m supposed to pick Eva and her friend up from after school soccer today. I don’t have enough time to get ready for work, let alone eat.”

“I’ll pick her up and there’s the breakfast from last night. Ya’ can nuke it at the lab. Does her friend know how to get home?”

“Yeah, she lives two streets over. You’re a life saver.” Nick pulled Bobby back into the bed.

“Mmmmm…do we have some time for Big Country?” Nick asked hopefully as he fondled Bobby, rubbing the sweet spot on his shaft eliciting a quiet moan.

“I have to start gettin’ ready, and Eva needs picked up in a half hour.” Bobby yawned and pushed himself off the bed.

“So shower sex it is.” Nick smiled gleefully, dimples beaming while Bobby kissed him. “I can watch Eva tonight if ya’ don’t mind.”

“Are ya’ sure?” Bobby held his hand out to Nick. “That’d be swell.”

“Yeah, we’ll come over here and get her stuff for a sleepover. Ya’ll can join me tomorrow mornin’, okay?”

“Get her homework done here, I know you guys.” Bobby called out flushing the toilet as Nick turned the water on to brush his teeth.

Nick kissed Bobby before they stepped out of the house. “I need to talk to ya’ about that textin’.”

“I know. I apologize for gettin’ so upset with ya’. Little Country and I miss ya’ so much when we don’t see ya’ll for a few days.”

“Hit that nail on the head.” Nick hugged him close. “You’re right, I’m embarrassed, but I’m gonna work it out.”

“TEXT” was flashing on Bobby’s cel phone. Rarely leaving the lab, he took the phone off when he was working. He used the landline to give and receive information. Hodges opened it as Bobby was testing a .22 rifle suspected in a sniper type killing and didn’t hear the ring. He waved Wendy over to show her that ‘C2O’ was a real thing, only this time it was from Nick.

“Excuse me, why are ya’ handlin’ my phone?” Bobby retrieved it suspiciously.

“I thought it was an important work call,” Hodges handed Bobby a few envelopes. “I’ve finished getting the trace off these, so I’m kickin’ it to you.”

“And what could ya’ possibly want in here?” Bobby turned his inquisition to Wendy.

“Oh Bobby, it’s just so wonderful that you and Nick are so open minded.”

“Whatever, I’ve gotta work.” He looked at them menacingly.

“Yeah, it doesn’t really explain your mood though, maybe you should try a different brand.” Hodges said loud enough for Bobby’s ears as he left, Wendy giggled walking away.

He’d been surprised when Archie told him to meet at the playground a few blocks from the lab for lunch; it was usually too busy for either one to leave. With relief, he sat across from Archie, glad that they were alone. He couldn’t stomach more strange comments about ‘C2O’.

“Hey Archie, how’s it going?” He’d just gotten word that Eva had finished her homework, gotten a great start on her social studies presentation about the Zulu tribe, ate all of her dinner, and willingly went to bed. Nick knew how to motivate his daughter.

“A better question is how are YOU doing?”

“Good? WU?”

“Bobby, there’s something going on that you need to know about.” Archie took a mighty deep breath. “Hodges heard from Greg that you and Nick are having troubles in the bedroom.”

“Y’know half the crap comin’ out of his mouth is brown. Why should I care?” Out of habit, Bobby was cutting his meatloaf into pieces like he did for Eva.

“I’m serious Bob. The entire lab knows that you’re texting the message ‘C2O’ to each other. There’s a bet going on whether it’s you or Nick.” Archie attacked his chicken sandwich avoiding eye contact.

“We only have a half hour here, Arch, I have no idea what you’re sayin’.” Bobby was shoveling his mashed potatoes in his mouth speedily with one hand and waving the other hand for Archie to continue.

“The bet is that you or Nick have ED and you guys got a bottle of Levitra to experiment with.”

Bobby blew out a combination of meatloaf, potatoes, and Gatorade so fast; he jumped up from the table. “What!?!” He shouted. Archie was glad that he picked that lunch spot.

“Are ya’ fuckin’ with me?” He wiped at his jacket and then burst into stomach grabbing laughter. Archie kept eating, waiting for the show to end.

“Does Nick know?” Nick’s reactions to the text made some sense to him now. Bobby finally controlled his laughter enough to sit back down and finish eating.

“I don’t think so. I hinted to him yesterday and he told me to stop feeding Hodges’ gossip mill. So, what’s going on?”

“That’s not what it means.” Bobby broke out in another giggling fit. “How much is the pool up too and who’s in?” Now he wiped the laughter tears from his eyes.

“It’s $20 per person and all of the lab rats, accounting, reception, some CSI’s and a few cops on the down low. I think it’s up around $560 now. The winners will split the kitty between themselves.”

“That’s awesome! What happens if it’s both of us?”

“I don’t know, Wendy didn’t stipulate that.” Archie looked at his watch and got up to leave. “So…?”

“I know ya’ put $20 in for Nick, and that’s cool. I’m not gonna ruin your fun, slide in $20 for me, okay?” With that, he pulled out his cel phone and began laughing all over again as they walked back to the lab.

After Eva left for school and they were cuddling naked on the couch, Bobby told Nick about the lab bet. Initially Nick was perturbed but all the strange comments made sense now. They agreed to try communicating better with each other, and came up with a plan.

Gil didn’t understand why Catherine and Sara were openly smirking at Nick when he joined them near the head of the conference room table. He’d called the graveyard CSIs and the lab rats together for a rare informal meeting after shift the next morning.

“Alright, let’s calm down here. I want to thank all of you, we wouldn’t have solved the daycare center murders without your hard work and expertise.” Gil shuffled his papers; “The children’s families will post a funeral schedule on the bulletin board in the break room.” He turned to his left as Nick handed him a piece of paper while the crowd murmured.

“Thank you again. Nick wants me to add this…” Adjusting his glasses, Gil handed the paper back to him, “here, you read it.” And Gil stepped back into the circle of people with a strange expression.

When Nick glared at him, Catherine stepped forward, “For the first time I can remember, I think every single member of graveyard can go home on time.” She yanked the piece of paper out of Nick’s hands, looking at Gil with disgust. “I’ll read it.”

Nick blushed and caught Bobby’s eye. When Nick licked his lips, Bobby grinned and Archie gave him a “Stop that!” nudge.

Catherine began laughing so hard, she put her hands on her thighs to keep herself upright. Warrick caught her wrist and handed the paper to Greg.

The crimson color on Greg’s skin and the terror in his eyes gave him away as the rumor’s instigator. Looking from Nick to Bobby nervously, he took the paper. The small crowd gasped, they knew that the bet had been found out.

“Sara was the one who started it.” Greg blurted out; he was a deer in the headlights. Sara stood her ground giving him a ‘death glare’. Greg cowered behind Sofia when Brass unexpectedly snatched the paper out of his hands.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” he began dramatically. “Thank you so much for giving to the Las Vegas VINE-Victim Information and Notification Everyday program. Your donations have been greatly appreciated. For the record, the text message ‘C2O’ means Cowboy-Country Orgy. And MYOB.”

The entire conference room erupted in roaring laughter. Bobby and Nick smiled at each other, hoping the rest of the lab would take heed to their final text message.
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