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FIC: Playin' House-3/3 (Nick Stokes/Bobby Dawson)

TITLE: Playin' House-3/3
AUTHOR: ic789
PAIRING: Nick Stokes/Bobby Dawson
SPOILERS: First quarter of Season 7
WARNING: Boy licking
ICON: Made by lady529
DISCLAIMER: They'll go back feelin' mighty fine.
SUMMARY: Bobby knows that everything is goin to work out.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the fun part! All comments welcome.

Bobby lightly pushed his tongue into Nick’s mouth with purpose. His head was swirling with future plans of how Nick and Eva were going to get along, but his body was racing with sensation. When Nick opened his warm mouth, and snaked his wet tongue onto Bobby’s, his body took over.

Sensuously, Nick swirled his tongue in and out of Bobby’s mouth, using his lips to direct their mouths in a desire to swallow the other. Gasping for air, Bobby broke free. Nick continued the assault moving to Bobby’s neck. His mouth and tongue had minds of their own, determined to bring Bobby to orgasm alone. He reached down between them, bringing their erections side by side onto their stomachs. Reaching down further and rubbing Bobby’s scrotum, he felt Bobby tense and his sac draw up.

“Nick, you’re gonna make me explode…slow…slow…down,” Bobby was breathing so hard that Nick froze and tenderly let go of his genitals.

“Do I really turn him on this much?” He thought as he laid his head on Bobby’s shoulder. Their breathing regulated, and Bobby kissed the top of his head. “Oh, those hands have magic in them.” Bobby reached down, getting hold of Nick’s right hand and bringing it up to his lips. Beginning with the thumb, he slowly suckled each digit. Bobby’s thin lips put enough pressure on each finger to elicit a low moan from Nick. Watching as Bobby’s tongue snaked around the tips and nails to the first knuckle mesmerized him.

The moisture between their bodies caused them to rock against the other slowly, each enjoying the friction. Their erections found the hot velvety skin irresistible.

Bobby let go of Nick’s hand and latched onto the neck vein on his left side. Nick groaned, feeling the suction begin, wanting to give into it completely. He couldn’t though, and moved away awkwardly. “What is it?” Bobby licked the spot tantalizingly. “I just, I…oh Bobby…” Nick’s closed eyes gave Bobby permission to continue. He rolled his tongue on the vein. “No, Bobby, just…” Nick pulled his head away, resting his forehead on the other man’s. “Please, don’t mark up my neck.”

“Why?” Bobby tried to kiss Nick’s neck again.

“Because it takes forever to go away.” Nick breathlessly kissed Bobby’s neck.


“I don’t know. Maybe there are extra blood vessels in there because there’s so much muscle.” Nick bit Bobby’s small earlobe with his lips.

“How do ya’ know that?” Bobby continued teasing.

“Please, Bobby, I’ll tell ya’ later, just stay away from markin’ my neck for now.” Nick swirled his tongue inside Bobby’s ear, causing Bobby’s entire body to shudder. Nick tried again and achieving the same result, giggled into Bobby’s chest.

“You have an ear thing, don’t ya’?” He laughed.

“It’s just very sensitive, Mr. Navel.” Bobby shivered again.

“Yeah, well let’s just see what else is super sensitive on you,” Nick pinned Bobby to the mattress with his hands on Bobby’s shoulders, and kissed him hard, grinding his hips into him at the same time. Bobby grabbed Nick’s backside and began massaging his small muscular cheeks. Nick growled into the next kiss when Bobby pulled his lower half onto himself, and thrust with intent.

Suddenly, Nick let go off Bobby’s shoulders, placing his hands next to Bobby’s sides under his arms, straddling his legs over Bobby’s forcing space between their skin. Their labored breathing was the only sound when Nick bent his head forward to Bobby’s shoulder.

With exquisite care, Nick alternately suckled, blew, and kissed his way around Bobby’s chest. Finding how much Bobby’s body enjoyed having the nipples lightly kissed and licked almost brought Nick to orgasm. The body underneath him responded positively to every single movement. When Nick sat back on his legs and lightly rubbed his hands all over Bobby’s chest, upper and lower arms, and stomach, he couldn’t believe the lust emanating from the expression below. He was in heaven. “Ya’ like that, huh?’ Nick leaned forward, thrusting his tongue into the unsuspecting mouth. The animal response surprised Nick enough to collapse on Bobby. They rubbed their erections vigorously against each other.

Nick sat up again, immediately moving down the wriggling body to begin his ministrations on Bobby’s soft stomach. He lapped the pre-cum off of him, loving the taste of both of them in his mouth. Bobby sat up, not wanting to miss out, meeting Nick’s forceful kiss with an open mouth. “Lay down, Country.” Nick instructed, pushing Bobby lightly.

Nick suckled every piece of skin on Bobby’s stomach and hips, saving the blood-engorged member bobbing in desperation for last. He dipped his tongue in and out of Bobby’s belly button, taking small bites around the edge of it. Bobby was moaning in his pleasure, rubbing Nick’s head and shoulders with both hands.

Pushing himself down the bed, Nick moved Bobby’s legs so that they were spread open before him like a banquet. His slowly stroked his own bobbing erection, rubbing the pre-cum into the tip the way he liked too. He rubbed himself again, and laid his wet fingertip on Bobby’s partially open lips. The hot tongue sucked hard, causing Nick to throw his head back and moan loudly. When he put his head back down, he saw Bobby’s wet mouth; and kissed him again.

Breaking contact, he sat back up on his knees, slowly rubbing his fingers over the skin on Bobby’s calves and the tops of his feet. He noticed the light sheen on himself and Bobby, and only wanted one thing.

Bringing his hands in front of him, he sighed, “You are so beautiful. I could look at ya’ all day like this,” he said, a mischievous smile dancing around his mouth. He lightly massaged Bobby’s thighs, enjoying the soft, thick man hair on them. He let his hands run to the underside, never breaking eye contact with Bobby. It was so slow and calculated that Bobby arched in anticipation. Nick thoroughly rubbed his inner thighs lightly, purposely not touching his scrotum. He playfully ran his long slender fingers along the leg crease on each leg. He pushed Bobby’s legs as far apart as possible, savoring the man opened before him.

He lovingly stroked Bobby’s entrance with one finger a few times, causing him to buck. Quickly, he leaned in and wrapped his wet tongue around Bobby’s sac, feeling the body beneath him stiffen with discipline. Bobby’s entire body was perfectly aroused and he was gasping for control. The small, pulsing globes were hot as he went back and forth between them, memorizing the taste and smell. He could do this all day long; he was so lost in the sensation. From the moans at the top of the bed, he guessed Bobby could as well.

Nick’s lust completely took over; he didn’t even try to stop himself. Placing his nose down on Bobby’s perineum, he nuzzled the small area of skin, growling at the softness. He moved his face to rub against Bobby’s sac repeatedly, loving the trust that was given to him. He stroked himself lightly because it felt so good. The man smell, the texture, and the sounds were maddening. He finally reached the solid, thick base with his forehead, lost in pleasure. His fingers kneaded the inner thighs with purpose, never wanting the exploration to end.

“Nick… Nicky…Honey…” Bobby whispered through his moans. “Nicky!” He managed, moving a knee to nudge Nick gently in the side. When Nick looked up with the animal expression on his face, Bobby sighed. “Baby, ya’ll are gonna make me burst. Stop…please stop for a sec.” Nick lifted himself off Bobby’s body, and crawled up the bed savagely. He licked Bobby’s lips once. “Good.” Nick’s feral smile permeated every cell in Bobby’s body, calming and surprising him at the same time. They nipped at each other’s lips, not wanting to lose a moment of touching each other. Bobby moved his lips to Nick’s shoulder, kindly biting him as a signal to continue.

Nick lowered his face to Bobby’s Adam’s apple and gently kissed him there. He kissed him lovingly in a straight line all the way down to his navel. Bobby’s erection kissed Nick’s chin, causing him to chuckle while Bobby watched with a glimmer in his eye, “Mmm...Little Country is kissin’ on ya’.”

Bobby put another pillow under his head, thankful now that Nick didn’t have a head of shaggy hair so he could see everything. Nick rubbed his nose on the base of his shaft, cupping Bobby’s full scrotum with one hand, while the other held the shaft’s base with two fingers and his thumb. Nick got lost again in the feeling of the manhood on his face, loving the hot velvet covering the steel. Nudging his nose on the underside, he raised his hand and swiped the slit with his thumb. He grasped his fingers around Bobby’s foreskin, moving it ever so slowly up and down, causing Bobby to shudder. He used the shaft as a hot massaging tool, first rubbing it against his forehead, then around across his eyelids, down the side of his face, on his chin, up the other side, on one check, then the other. He and Bobby were both completely lost in each other.

Sighing in a deep growl, Nick opened his eyes to Bobby’s oozing tip. He stared at the beauty of man skin, getting so hard that his own member was kissing him under his navel. He closed his eyes, and followed the same pattern with the tip. Bobby couldn’t control his urgent thrusts, and Nick had to hold his hips with the other hand. The feeling of that hot, silken skin on his face was exhilarating as Nick breathed in deeply, wanting to wrap himself up in it. Bobby’s moans made it clear that he was relishing the show.

Taking another deep breath, Nick pulled away to look at Bobby. The picture in front of each man was stunning. Both were heavy lidded with desire, cheeks flushed, breathing erratic, and their erections bobbing and leaking, Bobby’s curls were damp with sweat, while Nick’s chest had a thin layer of it. Their chests were pounding to contain the lust in their hearts. They smiled knowingly, enjoying the intimacy of the moment.

Gently running his fingers through Bobby’s pubic hair caused goose bumps unexpectedly on Nick’s arms. He couldn’t remember ever wanting to taste someone so badly in his entire life. Placing on his left hand on the crease joining Bobby’s hip and leg, he placed the other hand on the rigid shaft and stroked upward to the foreskin. Then he bent his head, and licked Bobby’s slit greedily. He lapped at the man juice with enthusiasm, causing Bobby to buck forcefully. Nick wasn’t even aware of his own hips thrusting uncontrollably forward.

His tongue licked and slurped around the head, wanting a taste of every hot skin cell. He pulled Bobby’s foreskin up and down, which increased the volume of Bobby’s guttural sounds of pleasure. Alternately licking the slit and around the head, Nick figured out how to get his tongue between the foreskin when he pulled it up. He was enthralled with the reaction this caused, turning Bobby into a puddle of shivering sex and turning himself on in a way he never thought possible.

They were both in a frenzy. The more Nick licked and manipulated his tip and foreskin, the more Bobby writhed, bucking and thrashing. Nick moved faster and faster; finally wrapping his lips around the pulsating member.

Sucking forcefully, Nick got about one third of Bobby into his mouth before he felt the orgasmic throbs of the other man begin. He didn’t let up, although Bobby was thrashing so much, he couldn’t get any more length into his mouth. Nick held Bobby’s hips with both hands, mouth surrounding his head, tongue sliding into his slit and around the foreskin at full throttle. “Oh Nicky!” Bobby yelled as the hot, salty fluid shot copiously into Nick’s mouth. Nick didn’t pull away; he sucked harder, causing Bobby’s entire body to thrust uncontrollably.

As he swallowed the liquid of life, he felt his own sac draw up quickly. Looking into Bobby’s eyes, his own orgasm began rippling through his body. He pushed himself up and onto Bobby so swiftly that the friction gave him a violent eruption. “Bobby,” Nick whispered as the other man hugged him tightly. His hips thrusting hard on the other man.

They rode out seemingly endless waves of their satisfaction together, panting, sweating, and marveling. Their lips met for one deep kiss, and they let their bodies fall into subsequent bliss.

Nick awoke wondering why his bed was jiggling. Bobby’s warm body wrapping around him brought him to consciousness.

“Shhh…go back to sleep, Cowboy,” Bobby kissed his temple.

“Where’d ya’ go?” Nick let his face be gently kissed.

“I had to use the restroom. Mmm... let’s go back to sleep.”

“I’ve never wanted to taste someone as badly as I wanted you. Bobby, you are so incredibly beautiful,” Nick sighed, finding the lips he sought with ease.

“Speak for yourself, I got the better deal, I got to watch,” Bobby kissed him back.

“Mmmm…” Nick sighed, thinking “I hope he never leaves.”

They fell asleep while kissing, their bodies spent, their hearts warm, and their minds hazily flooded with love.
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